“When Ken told me about he project, I became very excited about it. I share his feelings about the environment and thought it was an excellent way to bring light to some of the issues affecting our earthSUE SPONENBERG, ARTIST


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: April 8th, 2024

Update from Ken: August 7, 2014
The complete list of artists for Second Time Around is published AND an its exciting video trailer directed by Larry Carroll is now circulating!  Click here for both plus more information about the exhibition.

Update from Ken: February 1, 2013 Exciting News: The very first exhibit of the Landfillart Collection will take place in September of 2014. This “very prestigious” Museum will choose approximately 230 pieces of art from our collection. The official announcement, by their marketing department, will take place on April 22, 2013…..EARTH DAY. Stay tuned.

Update from Ken: March 19, 2012 Since the beginning of this year our collection has been enhanced by art contributions from Japan to California, from Florida to Australia. Over 850 completed projects have been received and can be viewed by clicking on Gallery of Metal Canvases. Our goal is 1041 completed projects. Note: Professional artists interested in joining the Landfillart Project may still contact me at Ken@landfillart.org.

Update from Ken: June 26, 2011 WOW! On June, 1, 2011, the Associated Press featured a wonderful wire service news story nationwide about our international landfillart project. Our story was featured in hundreds of newspapers nationwide — and hundreds of broadcast television news stories around the country. Everyday, I am receiving requests from artists around the world to contribute to our international project. Note: Artists interested in being part of our project may still contact me at Ken@landfillart.org.

To read the Associate Press newspaper feature, click here.

To view the Associated Press television news story, click here.

Update from Ken: February 12, 2011 “What’s the latest???” More than 700 art projects have been completed and received! All these wonderful creations can be viewed on our website. More than 200 additional projects are being worked on!  And yes, I personally unpackage or uncrate every single piece of art that arrives! Is this work? No!! Just excitement.

Update from Ken: March 24, 2010 Landfillart Trivia! Now that the Landfillart Gallery has become so extensive, a question often asked of me is: what are the largest and smallest pieces in the collection? That is such an interesting question because it’s so difficult to tell proportions from the photos on this website. 

The largest piece, “The Raven,” is by Pattie Young of New Plymouth, Idaho. It stands over 7 feet tall. 

The smallest piece, “Au Coeur Du Monde,” is by Bertrand Sallard from LaTagniere, France. This piece is under 6 inches in diameter.

Both are truly phenomenal works of art.

I’ve been so busy working on this project, contacting potentional artist, answering email from current artists and keeping in touch with past artists that I’ve fallen behind on updating everyone on this page. My apologies!

Update from Ken: September 17, 2009 There are 4 more coutnries involved in the Landfillart Project. They are: Uruguay, Greece, Hungary and Nigeria. Grand total of 51 countries!

Update from Ken: April 1, 2009  There are four more countries involved in the Landfillart Project. They are Tunisia, Cyprus, Chile, and Serbia. Grand total of 47 countries!

Update from Ken: March 5, 2009 There are four more countries involved in the Landfillart Project. They are Scotland, Switzerland, Suriname, and Azerbaijan.. Grand total of 43 countries!

Update from Ken: February 9, 2009 There are 5 more countries involved in the Landfillart Project. They are:  Russia, Holland, Iceland, Brazil, and Poland. Grand total of 39 countries!

Update from Ken: January 28, 2009 There are 6 more countries involved in the Landfillart Project. They are:  Denmark, Norway, Turkey, Iran, Croatia and Latvia! Grand total of 34 countries represented by artists participating in the Landfillart Project!

Update from Ken: January 15, 2009 There are now 28 countries involved in the Landfillart Project.  They include:  Ireland, Germany, Sudan, United States, Mexico, Sweden, Argentina, England, Canada, Malta, Australia, Czech Republic, France, New Zealand, Israel, Columbia, India, Venezuela, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Japan, Peru, Belgium, Malaysia, Monaco, South Africa and Spain!

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