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Judith Anderson

Uss Makepeace

Franklin, Tennessee

Judith owns and operates Windsong Studio, a gallery of fine art and jewelry. Her paintings show the landscape at its most beautiful and serene. The sky is often portrayed at sunrise when Man is not yet awake. The originally designed jewelry features only pearls and semi-precious gemstones gathered from all over the world. The work includes pieces made of lapis, aquamarine, zebra stone,apatite, turquoise and other rare stones .

"The Ferrian spaceship, the USS Makepeace is on a ten year mission to contact and sign peace treaties with the inhabitants of the far eastern galaxy, Aristocries. The crew of the Make peace encountered no trouble until they were attacked without warning by the vicious three-headed Gorbs. As we look on, the battle rages with neither side showing any mercy to the other. One of the Gorbs has acquired a taste for Ferrian flesh and is eagerly devouring a defeated Ferrian warrior. On the other side of the ship, a Ferrian deals a death blow to one of the lizard people."Judith Anderson