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Mike Berg

It Was A Ford

Istanbul, Turkey

Mike has had dozens of solo shows around the world. His work is in many important public and private collections. Mike has a BA from the University of Washington, Seattle and attended Skowhegan School of painting and sculpture.

“In Turkish the word doku means surface but it also implies the nature or texture of something. It’s history and aesthetic quality. These are important elements of my work. I was happy to see the hubcap that was sent to me, there was already a rich life on it. I only added a bit of Eastern Influenced pattern to it. The issue of sustainability has been a major concern in life. In order to reduce our carbon footprint my family and I have lived off the gird for 3 or 4 months of the year for nearly 20 years in Eastern Washington. 100% of our electric energy is solar generated. We also have installed a solar hot water system. We intend to install a large array of solar panels in 2011 to feed into electrical grid.”Mike Berg