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Fernando Correa

Evolución de la Rueda (Evolution of the Wheel)

Edo Aragua, Venezuela

Fernando discovered the way to best express himself as a child was through art. After completing primary school and secondary studies, Fernando studied at the School of Visual Arts in Venezuela. He studied such subjects as theater, television, set design, body expression, voice, diction and dance to enhance his artistic skills, referring to his studies as “artistic research.” He worked for many years in the Directorate of Culture of Aragua with a touring children’s theater group. Apart from showing and selling his artwork since 1969, Fernando teaches “art therapy,” creating an atmosphere of hope for all those who wish to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fernando has received numerous awards and his work is collected in Spain, the United States, France, Italy, Belgium and Portugal.

“My reason for participating in the Landfillart project was born of natural intuition. I felt much honesty and integrity from the organization’s founder, Ken Marquis, and felt my art would serve as a means of communication between us. I would like to contribute more, but for now, I have sent you my creative effort.”Fernando Correa