Amy C. Evans

Poly Wanted A Cracker But First She Wanted To Play Zilch

Oxford, Mississippi

Amy grew up in Houston, studied printmaking at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, and then floated around a bit before landing in Oxford, Mississippi, where she takes pictures and makes paintings. She came to Oxford to study the history and culture of the South, earning an MA in Southern Studies in 2003. As part of her graduate work, Amy cofounded PieceWorks, an arts and community outreach organization serving the Deep South. She continued to create during this time, making paintings in between research and road trips.  Today, she paints in a small studio on the fourteen-acre homestead she shares with her husband. 

“Thrilled to be part of a project that brings artists together and objects out of the landfill, hubcaps have never looked so good!”Amy C. Evans