Andy Saczynski

Florida Flower

Grayton Beach, Florida

Andy’s work can be classified as outsider or folk art, and he specializes in assemblage art. As he likes to say, he turns junk into funk! He primarily works with acrylic, found objects, recycled musical instruments, reclaimed wood, metal and cooper. He doesn’t go looking for these things but somehow they always find him. His parents have been collecting antiques his entire life and because of this creative influence, Andy has been developing ideas for years. He also finds his artistic inspiration through music and in Florida’s architecture, landscape, and wildlife. Andy’s studio gallery is located in Grayton Beach, Florida.

“ I primarily use recycled, reclaimed, and repurposed materials in my assemblage art. When I heard about Landfillart, I realized that the idea behind it was similar to what I was already doing. Being involved in a project this big is fun, and I hope it inspires many people to consider using recycled, repurposed, and reclaimed materials.”Andy Saczynski