Artists at Work


The ‘project’ appealed to me because of its scope, uniqueness, environmental implications and its purpose…a broad based humanitarian oneTerry Gallagher, Artist

The goal of this project, is to include at least one professional artist from each of Pennsylvania’s sixty-seven (67) counties, at least one from each of the 50 US States, and to include a number of international artists.

In addition, I have always been a believer inthe 80/20 rule. My goal is to have 80% of the project be completed by professional artists and 20% fulfilled by nontraditional artists. These nontraditional artists are mentally and physically challenged (ie, down syndrome and autistic artists), politically oppressed artists (ie, Cubans), young artists (ie, 25 NYC third grade school children) and incarcerated artists.

What a validation of how the ‘extraordinary’ is revealed through the ordinary’…discarded hubcaps… Way Cool!JUDTIH KEATS, ARTIST

The ultimate goals of this project are twofold. The first is to compile a book with the story and photos of the evolution of and the coming together of 1041 artists for a common cause, making great art out of rusted refuse. Only artists could lead such a charge. The other goal is to select 200 of these metal canvases to travel and inspire other such movements.

Being a part of any of Ken’s projects is in and of itself rewarding due to his infectious enthusiasmLEIGHT PAWLING, ARTIST

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