Bedonna Wakeman

Gospel Woman – Scream It Out

New Orleans, Louisiana

Bedonna has been involved in the arts her entire life. After attending Eastern Michigan University and Western Washington State University, She moved to the Bay Area where she worked in experimental theatre and conceptual art with the Odyssey Company and Francisco Museum of Art. In 1979, she moved to Europe and continued work in Spain, Germany, France and England. She returned to the US in September 2001 and now lived in New Orleans where she ‘keeps her fingers to the pulse of city’ while she shows and sells her work on Royal Street/ Orleans Street (behind St. Louis Cathedral) as one of the famous Pirate Alley Artist.

“’Scream it out’ is a statement about ‘in your face’ joy, emotion and courage; for all the arts in: music, visual, etc. To be part of a national/international project attracted me in participating.”Bedonna Wakeman