Beja Tinsley

Maiden America

Oakland, California

Beja enjoys working with oil and acrylic paints, collage, mixed media, found objects and photography. In Paris, she studied the Van Aken Classical Technique and work in the Louvre as a copyist. Beja spent many years working professionally as a muralist, scenic painter, and copyist. Currently, her artwork is figurative, deconstructionist mixed media from a queer/feminine perspective with a view towards sustainability.

“This project was an opportunity to challenge myself towards sustainability. Every piece of this artwork, from the hubcap to the ribbon, were items that I personally scavenged/found/reclaimed from the world around me in an attempt to make some sort of ultimate statement about something. I was also inspired to create a uniquely feminine form as a contrast to the often masculine approach humanity takes with advancements in technology.”Beja Tinsley