Bev Purcell


Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

Bev received a BS in advertising design from the Philadelphia University of the Arts. She is a free lance designer from magazines, books, and cards. Her work has been exhibited with New York and Philadelphia Art Directors Club, Artist’s Guild of Philadelphia and The Philadelphia Art Alliance; additionally costume design for Children’s Theater on TV.

“Sally Christy – Maris Grove’s Resource Coordinator – contacted my husband about the hubcap project and when she explained it to him it sounded like an interesting project. I have always been interested in recycling and only wish that I would have had the time to do my hubcap with only recyclable things. I love things I find on the beach or on the street that have marvelous textures and shapes and can be used in a new way. Bottle caps, cans that have been flattened by cars, bits of wire; anything old weathered and beaten up and found on a city street can really be interesting if looked at and used in a new way. I had used Model Magic before but not to this extent and wanted to experiment with it further. I wanted to create something that had an organic quality as though it represented something old that was reborn into a different form; keeping it white on white gave it a kind of purity that worked for me."Bev Purcell