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Bhawana Choudhary Chandra


Madhya Pradesh, India

Bhawana holds a Post Graduate in Drawing and Painting from Govt. Girls College (Nutan College), Bhopal, India. The artist has received many awards as well as a Junior Fellowship in painting by Govt. of India, Ministry of Tourism and Culture. The work has been exhibited throughout India and is collected publicly and privately in India and abroad.


" The Landfillart project, echoed a sense of belonging towards the green initiatives for reusing/recycling waste parts. This is my first global art project. A used wheel cap as the base for painting challenged my artistic abilities. An artist has to make friends with the material before working on it and I thoroughly enjoyed the new experience. The theme of my work is how a mother imparts the training to her daughter to live in symphony with the world around her and make it a better place; Sometimes by mirroring it sometimes by molding it and sometimes by coping with it."Bhawana Choudhary Chandra