Brian Carroll

From This Landfill We Grow

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

After graduating from college in 1991, Brian began working as an in-house graphic designer for KB Toy Stores. As a tight-knit team they produced all tabloid sales flyers, print ads and point of purchase signage for over 1,100 KB and Toyworks stores nationwide. Following his time at KB, Brian was introduced to the sign industry doing sign design, production and sales. Eventually, in 2001, with his position moving primarily toward sales and getting away from the visual communication that he desired, Brian entered the freelance design world full time. His creative endeavor had begun.

“I was introduced to the project through my brother Larry Carroll. He had not yet received his ‘metal canvas’ so were both at the same starting point. After researching the project I realized what an inspired individual Mr. Marquis is and that this was an opportunity to be a part of something huge, not to be missed. Reuse, reclaim, recycle trash from landfills, etc. It raises awareness of the fragility of this planet and I particularly like the idea of forest rejuvenation should this wonderful project generate profits. If find some irony in all the ‘peanuts’ that were probably used in packing over 1,000 pieces of art!”Brian Carroll