Bruce Gray


Los Angeles, California

Bruce’s contemporary and abstract modern metal sculptures and paintings have been displayed as part of group or solo art exhibitions at many galleries and museums. Bruce’s artworks are part of over 1200 private and corporate art collections worldwide, and have appeared in hundreds of movies, TV shows, music videos, and commercials.


“I chose to participate in this project, because I believe it is very important for our society to change from being a throwaway society. We need to be more responsible about what we create, how it is created, and how it is disposed. It would benefit the entire planet if we built things to last, and out of more green materials, not just to be replaced every few years. As an artist, I have made many found object sculptures, essentially taking trash meant for the dump, doing something creative to it, and having it end up hanging in a beautiful living room as a treasured piece of art instead of taking up room at the dump. I find this to be very satisfying and rewarding. Our current throw away mentality is completely unsustainable.”Bruce Gray