Callie Hirsch


Brooklyn, New York

Hirsh has exhibited her artwork in numerous National and International shows over the last twenty-five years. In 2008, she won a commission to design a station for the MTA, Arts for transit program. “Vast” is installed at the 105th Beach Station in the Rockaways, S line. She collaborated with the glass fabricator, Erskin Mitchell in Baton Rouge Louisiana, to create a three faceted glass panels installed at the above ground station. The ocean is one block off and the sky is all around, streaming light through the glass pieces. Hirsh comes from the mountainous area of Rockland County New York, and currently resides in Brooklyn.

“This up recycling venture strikes a chord with how I view the world. We need to revitalize that which has been tossed aside, we are giving it a second life. Making something beautiful out of what was considered no longer necessary, it is vital for us to stop being such a throw- away society. I am an avid dumpster diver, painting on old mannequins, globes, and discarded wood. What we throw away can destroy the environment, along with the life inhabiting it.”Callie Hirsch