Pia Bächlerlehmann

Renaissance V (Lost Homeland 3)

Corminboeuf, Switzerland

Pia was born in 1964 in Fribourg, Switzerland. She was educated as a graphic artist at School of Art in Berne, Switzerland and has worked as an independent artist since 2002. She’s participated in “Artists for Peace International Art Action” in Istanbul, Turkey, had a group exhibit in San Francisco, California and a solo exhibit in Hamburg, Germany.


“Nature is my inspiration. Wood, root, stone, sand and metal… lost pieces jewels! Even the blind can feel my work and see. Our consuming society is endlessly producing and finally throwing all away. To me it is very important to re-claiming and recycling all these lost pieces giving them a purpose again. The Landfillart Project is exactly representing what I try to express with my work.”Pia Bächlerlehmann