Cecilia Lueza

Perpetual Rose

St. Petersburg, Florida

Cecilia was born in Misiones, Argentina. She gained her formal training in fine arts at La Plata National University in Buenos Aires. Since 1993 her work has been displayed in numerous solo and collective exhibitions in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Cecilia moved to Florida permanently in 1999, to further her career in the arts. Since 2000 she has worked on a variety of public art projects as well as private and public art commissions in many cities throughout the United States.

“I am interested in the Landfillart Project because it makes you think about the environment and what we, as artists, can do to increase awareness of the importance of recycling and conserving our limited natural resources. This project also demonstrates that with a creative eye and artful touch, art can be created with nearly any medium. Innovative artists can transform what others might consider trash into amazing art.”Cecilia Lueza