Chris Longshaw

Moving 6062-6020

Carine, Western Australia

Chris is a husband and the father of two children and a dog. He is a full time teacher and part time artist who also enjoys driving his hot rod, collecting comics and toys, and playing basketball, volleyball and poker.

“I’ve been in exhibitions painting on used violins, skateboard decks and vinyl toys all with sales going towards a charity. This was a great idea and opportunity to contribute and be a part of a huge collection. I’ve always been interested in the shapes and designs of cars ever since inheriting my father’s 1929 Model A Ford. This is another way for me to connect to his world of car building and passion. The range of designs of this round piece of steel, aluminum or plastic changes with each car but greatly effects the look of the car on the road. Sadly like most things these days they end up in a landfill somewhere, great to be part of something trying to stem the flow.”Chris Longshaw