Cindi Mullins

On The Merritt

Ridgefield, Connecticut

Cindi has been a creator her entire life. In the last ten years, she has concentrated on painting, mostly with oil and pastel. She would currently describe herself as a landscape painter although she is also known for florals, still life and figurative paintings. Cindi has studied under many artists, including Tom Brenner and David Dunlop of the Silvermine School of Art. She has received awards in the categories of excellence, oil, pastel and landscape. Cindi is represented by a gallery in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

“I chose to be a part of the Landfillart project because I was intrigued by the interesting theme; people painting on hubcaps, making a collection and then showing it around the United States. The invitation to the project was particularly well-timed since I was working on a highway series; painting the Merritt Parkway of Connecticut on a hubcap, was apropos. I am very interested to learn how people receive this show…”Cindi Mullins