Claire Blyth

Rear View

Peebles Scotland

Claire works with mixed media and collage on paper or canvas. The layering technique she uses mirrors the subject matter of the paintings: things are hidden, half glimpsed, lost then found in the paintings, just as understanding of experience is in life.The artist sees these experiences as being central to a notion of identity; She is fascinated with the mystery of how the personality coheres in the body then dissipates after death.From starting points in literature, dance, travel or personal experience Claire uses figure drawing to explore the body as a means of expression and draws on a store of symbols to tell the story of the individual's journey through life and humanity's journey through history.

"I decided to join the project because I was in the mood to put aside cynicism and suspicion and take a chance on a wacky-sounding venture. I was really impressed by the creativity I saw in the other works and wanted to be part of that."Claire Blyth