Claudia Coberly

Garden Party

Park City, Utah

Claudia is a mixed media artist that uses unconventional materials such as recycled scraps of paintings, scraps of wood and plaster. She moved often due to her father's naval career attending twelve schools, ending in Jacksonville Florida. This provided her with a number of new environments to inspire her art work. In the sixties, Claudia attended Ringling School of Art. In the mid-eighties she completed her education at the University of Utah earning her B.F.A. in 1995 and her M.F.A. in 1998. Claudia lives with her husband and son in Park City, Utah.

"I willingly participated in the Landfillart Project because it uniquely offers the opportunity for fine art to speak out as a purposeful communication World wide. Many centuries of art were necessary for documentation and communication and religion. Compared to this Art for art's sake is a relatively new in the timeline of civilization. Today many art forms are widely available to all walks of life.  Most people in today's world understand create and collect art for enjoyment. Perhaps more projects like the Landfillart Project on a global scale CAN incite attention to our living planet and its imperiled position. This project illustrates that once again art can and should be used as a powerful tool for communication."Claudia Coberly