Danielle Eubank

Part of a Complete Breakfast

Tujunga, California

Danielle is an artist interested in exploring the relationship between abstraction and realism. She is a recipient of the Pollack-Krasner Foundation Grant 2014-2015. In addition to her studio practice, Danielle is an expedition artist. She sailed aboard the barkentine tall ship, The Antigua, on an art and science expedition to the High Arctic in Autumn 2014. She is the Expedition Artist on the Phoenicia, a replica of a 600 B.C. Phoenician vessel. The ship sailed from the Mediterranean, completing the circumnavigation in November 2010. Danielle has worked as a commissioned artist, producing portraits for Standard Chartered Bank and for the Naval and Military Club in London, as well as many private individuals. She exhibits in the United States, The United Kingdom, as well as Europe and Asia. Danielle currently lives in Los Angeles.

“Water is a shared resource amongst all people. In addition to sustaining life, it is the livelihood for people through fishing, boat building and farming. Destruction surrounds every site where I paint water. My work features cigarette butts, oil slicks, drinks cans, and invented creatures. This sculptural piece portrays the pervasiveness of plastic in our water. Small pieces of plastic from our everyday lives end up in landfills, are recycled, or end up on our streets and sidewalks as trash. Many of these pieces work their way to the ocean via storm drains and watersheds. Using ubiquitous pieces of plastic like bottle caps and straws, found on the roadside, along the beach, or in my house, I chose to be involved in the project to make a statement about the ever-present nature of plastic. In the ocean, some of the plastic sinks, and some of it gets broken down by the sun and waves, but never completely disappears. It threatens the marine life, the ocean’s ecosystem and, ultimately us.”Danielle Eubank