Darryl Norem


Key Largo, Florida

Traveling to new locations and new adventures has fascinated Darryl since she was a child. A change of landscape is an invitation to re-examine her vision. Darryl's art reveals itself as a puzzle of forms, celebrated in a variety of colors and textures, methodically patch worked to create the landscapes that define her life.

A professional artist since 1982, she starts her one-of-a-kind pieces with thumbnail sketches and small color studies, she then draws distinctly edged images with a utility knife on archival boards and builds dimension by layering these pieces. In drawing, she aims for expressive energy, movement and whimsy. She adds tiled areas built up from her painted, hand-cut and laid ragboard pieces. Tree forms play a vital role as stationary beings that relate to each other and to the viewer. When enhanced by intense color and lively painting, the places she renders recall either unique or imagined experiences in her life. Everything from start to finish, including the frame, is done solely by her. "I believe in recycling – giving old objects new life.Darryl Norem