Dee Youmans


Lutz, Florida

Dee explores the diversity of the natural world through her work. Bits of life are translated into a new perspective with layers of color and texture. The hundreds of objects in her studio become elements, capturing the “voice” of the work. Her compositions are woven together producing art that is tapestry like in its richness. Dee has an extensive background in both graphic and fine art, and degrees in Art History and Art Education, she possesses a wide perspective from which to draw. She tends to pull inspiration from each, so that her work has references to various art styles and techniques that blend into one image.

“My art explores the relationship between man and his environment. Taking what has been discarded and reusing to create works of art which focus on the beauty of nature. Inspired by the intricate makings of insects, plants and animals, I focus on each detail, their colors and textures.”Dee Youmans