Dinett Hok


Destin, Florida

Dinett was born in Aguadulce, a very small town in the Republic of Panama. As a young girl, drawing was her favorite pastime. Deciding to pursue art as a career, she began formal art studies at the age of 17 at the University of Panama. Dinett paid for her college tuition through Freelance artwork and graphic designs. While studying at the University, Dinett had the wonderful fortune to meet renowned Panamanian artist Manuel Chong Neto through one of her college professors: Eduardo Perez. She spent many evenings admiring Chong Neto’s work with a group of friends. After graduating from the University of Panama with a BA in Graphic Art, Dinett worked as a commercial graphic artist. After marrying, Dinett moved to the United States and continued to paint and teach art. In her 7 years as an elementary school teacher, she taught over 4,000 students and worked with the public school system administrators to improve and expand the art program in her country.

“I absolutely love taking discarded industrial type materials and turning them into artwork. I see the beauty in everything. What was once taking away from the environment is now adding to its beauty. This project is a noble environmental cause and I am happy that I have the opportunity to contribute to it.”Dinett Hok