Dorit Riley

The Fly

Franklin, Tennessee

Dorit, born in Germany in 1962, grew up living next to her mother's art studio and gallery. She began painting while studying language in Paris. After another year of language study in Spain at the University of Malaga, she then moved to Eilat in Israel, where she spent nine years and raised three children. Dorit then moved to Tel Aviv and joined the Arts and Crafts group of the popular Nahalat Binjamin Art Fair, where she met her husband, a US Marine. After his tour was complete in Israel, the family moved to Hawaii, then Singapore, before settling in the small town of Franklin, Tennessee. Dorit's work in watercolor and acrylic has been exhibited in Germany, Israel, Singapore, and Hawaii, where one of her works was added to the permanent collection of the State of Hawaii.

"I like the idea of being part of a nations wide project. It is like potluck—with my small contribution I help to make something big grow."Dorit Riley