Ella Robinson

Without Colour I Wouldn't Exist

Ella Robinson is a UK-based artist who moved to the South coast from London after completing her MA in Mixed Media Textiles at the Royal College of Art in 2009. Her practice seizes the potential of found objects and fragments, seeing her work with driftwood, plastics, ceramics and metals. Robinson is inspired by the mood of the British coast but her bold palettes are more reminiscent of street art and graffiti colour ways. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and is a massive fan of graphic patterns, stripes and vibrant colour.


“Although each artist is using the same base the results are so varied and it is lovely to see each person's experimentation using such a wide variety of different materials. Some have simply used their hubcap as a canvas to paint upon and adorn whilst others such as myself have used their chosen media to celebrate the existing beauty and character of their particular hubcup. “Ella Robinson