Ellin Blumenthal

Where Wolves Became Dogs

Northbrook, Illinois

Ellin is a Chicago-area artist. She earned a degree in Art from the University of Wisconsin -Madison, with a concentration in ceramics. Her painting began in 2005 at The Art Center in Highland Park. Through their outreach program she has exhibited in class shows and had her first solo show at the Starbucks in Highland Park, IL this past June. Her work appears in the 2010 edition of East On Central, a literary and visual art magazine. Ellin is a member of the Artists' Painting Community, taught by Judith Joseph, at The Art Center, Highland Park, Illinois

“When I requested a hubcap, I thought I was going to use it as a canvas on which to depict a dog, which is the current focus of my work. The more I began the process the concept of using discarded trash to create something new and purposeful, I remembered something I read about trash dumps as the catalyst for self domestication of the wolf into our modern dog.”Ellin Blumenthal