Erika Wain

No Bees – No Humans

Los Angeles, California

A Canadian born artist, Erica is both an artist on canvas and multimedia artist. She is a graduate of UCLA with a of arts degree. She has traveled Europe, Egypt, Greece and North Africa, setting in California. Erika is also a beekeeper who lost 80% of her bees in 2007 and 50% of her bees in 2008, due to colony collapse disorder, a virus that has spread all over the world. Erika’s art has been exhibited in France, Germany, New York City, Korea, California, Italy, Greece and Japan.

“I thought what fun! Make a statement – another statement, as artists are compelled to do. The purpose [of this piece] is to bring home and awareness of the fragility of the human’s existence, dependent on a tiny creature that most shun, run away from, swat at and in general are fearful of – the Bee. She is indeed a friendly 'foe' worthy of adoration and appreciation, for without her, humanity will not survive.”Erika Wain