Evelyn And Alvin Jacobs

Love Bug Hub

Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

Alvin is a retired math teacher with 58 years of College and High School experience. Since retiring he has found a new interest in drawing and painting. Evelyn is a pianist and dancer. Her hobby had been drawing, painting and collage. Her husband and her have been married for 58 years.

“The idea of transforming a hubcap into a work of art intrigues us. However, painting was not out expertise. When we saw the funny ‘LOVE’ music box that played the song ‘LOVE’ while the letters danced, a light bulb when on. We decided to use the hubcap as a base for the music box and 2 chrome dessert dishes as a pedestal, and then trimmed it with netting and beads from broke necklaces. ‘LUV BUG HUB’ was made entirely from recycled material. We had so much fun creating it!”Evelyn And Alvin Jacobs