As The World Turns

Brinon Sur Sauldre, France

Faba’s work stems from a childhood spent in the playful light and colour of Seville and Madrid. The passion and emotion associated with the Spanish temperament, while genetic, nonetheless figures greatly into her working process. It is the simple expression of these emotions that compels her painting, which derives as much from studied Classical art as it does from the rich architectural mosaics and artisan crafts which are prominent so prominent in the place she grew up. Faba considers her work to be unfolding dramas that incorporate narratives from the everyday life into a hybrid of painting and low-relief sculpture, whereby rich oil pigments are accented with glitter, flora and sand. Usually tinged with an air of humour and levity, her pieces assume a certain primitive decorum that play with the notions of high and low, culture and kitsch, and colour and texture.


“I wanted to be involved in this project because of the concept. Recycling is one of the battles that we can win, if its' spoken' thru art. Nature itself is art. I feel that the two combined will be a natural and beautiful way of expressing oneself for the future of our planet.”Faba