Ferdie Pacheco


Miami, Florida

Ferdie has been called a Renaissance Man because of his polyfacetic career. He has been a pharmacist, a medical doctor (known as the “Fight Doctor” in boxing) worked as a corner man for twelve world championships. He also served as a boxing commentator for NBC, Showtime and Univision, winning two Emmys. Ferdie is also a successful painter; he has received many prestigious awards, and has been exhibited internationally. His painting of Ghandi is going to be a U.S. Postage Stamp, October 2009, chosen by the United Nations for International Nonviolence Day. A documentary on his life Ferdie Pacheco “The World of the Fight Doctor” was shown in two film festivals. Ferdie is also a writer with fourteen published books.


“The function of art is to entertain, to teach, and to help people in need. I was so happy to be asked. I am a boxing historian so my hubcap is one of my favorite paintings…Thanks for asking.”Ferdie Pacheco