Frank Goryl

Sweden To Sicily: Europe 2009

Madison City, Pennsylvania

Frank serves as an artist in residence for the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and an adjunct professor at Keystone College, Pennsylvania. Frank is a ceramic artist/educator and resides in a self-built home with his wife Susan, and two boys, Evan and Aaron. He maintains a private studio in his home.

“My artwork was completed during an 18 week, 9 country, and 8,700 mile European sabbatical from January to June 2009. During the sabbatical, I completed two month long artist in residencies and completion of the Landfillart project served as an idea focus and impetus for experimentation. The first residency was conducted at the Scuola d’Arte Ceramica “Romano Ranieri” located in Deruta in the province of Umbria and the second was conducted at La Meridiana near Certaldo in Tuscany. "Frank Goryl