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Gundmundur Ludviksson

Hjolkoppur a Fjallabak (Rolling on the Road 41)

Reykjanes, Iceland

Gundmundur is an accomplished artist, poet, lyricist and musical composer. He has worked since a professional artist since 1991 and received his education at Willem de Kooning Academy in Holland and Staatliche Hochschule fur bildende Kunste in Frankfurt. His award winning work has been shown in many countries, including Iceland, Denmark, Holland, Germany, England and Sweden.


"I use few hours every day to read art magazines or go to the internet to see what others artists are doing. One day I found Ken´s project 'Landfillart.' I quickly knew -- here was something interesting for me as an artist. I read about the project and saw the works from other artists -- I felt this is more than art; it is also more then something from a car. I could think so many things about the works from the artists, but I think it’s best to say nothing. Let the eyes tell the stories of the works - It’s like tasting chocolate. You don’t want to explain how it’s made or where it’s coming from. You only close your eyes (in Ken´s project - you open them) - and feel good."Gundmundur Ludviksson