Hella Steins

On The Move Again

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Hella had already been engaged in carious creative disciplines, drawing, writing, and playing the drums, when in 1999 she finally found her true love: making mosaics. After attending a number of mosaic workshops and experimenting a lot with different materials and designs, Hella became a professional mosaic artist in 2006. Since then she has been giving numerous workshops and courses and has completed several mosaic commissions. The main characteristic of Hella’s work is the well-considered designs and their precise and skilful execution.

“I participated in the Landfillart Project because of the importance of making people more aware of the enormous amounts of waste we produce on this earth and the absolute necessity of recycling. Furthermore, the fact that it is an International project with partaking artist from all over the world and from all kinds of disciplines was very appealing to me. Therefore, I was honored to contribute to the Landfillart Project.”Hella Steins