James Descant

Key To My ‘57 Chevy Rocketship

Salida, Colorado

James had spent 15 years working and traveling the world as a guitar tech, tour manager and sound man for bands. In 1996 he found a Kenmore vacuum cleaner at a flea market and it spoke to him as piece of potential art. He then began his career as builder of Rocketships. Twelve years later he has had many commissions from small lipstick Rocket- ships to a whole building in Denver. He travels the country doing outdoor art shows and gallery shows, all the while stopping at flea markets and thrift stores for more cool parts for his art.


“I have been...a severe recycler for 12 years now, delving into the giant world of reclaimed objects...one thing about American culture, there is always more stuff, and more stuff to save.”James Descant