Janice Pluma

Pony Ride

Paso Robles, California

Janice is a native Californian, born in Los Angeles and raised in Sacramento. After spending many of her adult years living in Colorado and North Dakota, she returned to California and now resides in the beautiful wine country of Paso Robles. There, Janice shares a working studio with two other artists and creates two and three-dimensional art utilizing recycled materials and found objects.

“For many years, even before recycling became prevalent, I have scoured fields, salvage yards, my neighborhood…any place that might be a source of non-traditional materials for my art. So naturally, the Project appealed to me. When I received the FORD hubcap, I was reminded of the two Mustangs I have owned, and the whimsical theme for my project emerged. What fun to combine nostalgic memories with a worthwhile cause.”Janice Pluma