Janice Elaine Cooper


San Antonio, Texas

Janice is a native Texan, a student of the late Warren Hunter. She says, “Painting has always been a big part of my life”. She first began painting in oils in High School and experimented with acrylics in college. Later, she was encouraged to try watercolors, which she worked in for many years, creating charming renditions of Texas Landmark buildings and immortalizing ancestral homes for select clients. The Olmos Pharmacy, one of her Texas Landmark watercolors, has been in print since 1987. A Special Limited Edition of 950 prints of which 200 have been donated to special charities. There is also, a simply titled book of “Oil Paintings by J. Cooper”, published in 2006. Her art is displayed in homes and museums from Japan to New York.


“How exciting to belong to this global effort to save our world. Future generations will applaud us for working to save what we can and the Landfillart Project is a good place to start. We as artists can represent a cross section of our earth to be examples of how to fulfill our need to repurpose /recycle instead of wasting our space on manufacturing new things.”Janice Elaine Cooper