Jason Borbay

Popped A Cap In The New York Post

New York, New York

Voted Time Out New York’s Most Creative New Yorker in 2009, Upper East Side artist Jason has painted on-location around the world. Driven to capture the actuality of society, this series visually displays the paradox of love, lust, murder, sex, sports, betrayal, triumph, religion, rape and politics in one place. Process-driven, Jason shares the creation of each piece through social media, if art plus social media is the new frontier, Jason intends to be at the forefront.

“Occasionally, people come together to make a collective difference…this project is one of those instances. What will this become? Will it change the world? Is it simply a clever way to establish a constant in a sea of variables? As an artist I create to create – it’s the only way I know how to live. Will my work impact the world in a significant way? That isn’t for me to decide. Time, happenstance, fate, money, and luck will dictate the historical impact, if any. My piece of artistic reclamation is not an individual work, rather, a stitch in a 1041 stroke quilt. Should history deem this quilt of importance or not, I am proud to have contributed.”Jason Borbay