Jean Ferderber

Resistance is Futile

Milton, Ontario Canada

Jean was born in the Philippines and resides in Ontario, Canada. She attended the Carleton University for Law, Ontario College of Art and Design for Printmaking and material art and design. She had the privilege of attending one of Canada’s most reputable art institutions where she was exposed to many talented individuals. The subject of craft, culture, paper politics and the complexities of the universal benevolence through a communal consciousness are recurring genres in her work.

“cry havoc said he who fought chaos with chaos and let slip the dogs of war.” Shakespeare “My hubcap design was inspired by the punk craft movement. I wanted to fuse the warmth of the needlepoint to the cold cut of glass and steel. The art of reclamation is a compulsion to create for no other reason than the universal exchange of possibilities for the ‘beautiful nothings’. Capturing the beauty in the most unlikeliest places and objects intrigues me. This piece was built on sweet unfiltered idealism. It’s how we should aspire to greet this world.Jean Ferderber