Jenn Bell


Scranton, Pennsylvania

Jenn is a studio artist practicing in Scranton, Pennsylvania. She has studied metalsmithing up and down the east coast and in the United Kingdom. Currently, she is pursuing a fascination with enamels.

"As an emerging artist, I was flattered to be approached, as a practicing one I saw it as an opportunity to break out of my comfort zone. Being local, I was able to stop by the galleries Ken had set up for the arriving work. Ken's welcoming of any technique any medium anything you want to do is obvious. And as you look up and down the walls, you are drawn to one over another - each to her own. Each artist found a way to incorporate themselves onto this foreign canvas. Maybe we all stepped out of our comfort zone by using something that normally is thrown away. For my hubcap I used a newspaper from 1986 and a Popular Science magazine from 1953. As I pieced the work together, reading bits and pieces and looking at the commercial art from back then it was a meditative time reflecting on what had happened since those two eras. The end result looks like something I would do, but in a different material. I had to finish the piece before I knew exactly why I wanted to participate, but I think that's how art goes."Jenn Bell