Jerry Ann Fenter

Our Lady Of The Flying Hubcaps

Appleton, Washington

Jerry holds degrees in psychology and education, and has enjoyed painting, drawing and writing her whole life. She paints with watercolor and acrylic on canvas, often adding collage, with lots of color. Jerry also teaches workshops and loves to travel.

“I’ve had some mystical experiences with hubcaps in the last four years. When my mom was beginning to show signs of Alzheimer’s disease, she started a collection of hubcaps… carefully placed in her garden, front yard, porch and garage. She must have seen that they were shiny and she liked shiny (not unlike myself). So they continued to multiply until she finally collapsed and ended up in the hospital. She was getting more confused each day, we had to find a good place (for her to live) fast. The hospital gave us a long list of facilities to look at and off we went. It was a Saturday. We looked at some and were not happy, then we found a listing… got kind of excited because it fit our checklist for everything we were looking for. As we headed to go see it, a shiny large hubcap flew right in front of my van window… being Catholic we believe in signs and miracles. We were told there were a few openings and a waiting list; the director would be in on Monday. Dismayed, we went home. When we got there we had a call from the director. She said we could have the room for my mom. It was a miracle. Isn’t life strange? There are no coincidences.”Jerry Ann Fenter