Jim Gavenus

Bloody Sunday

Kingston, Pennsylvania

Jim is an internationally recognized documentary photographer. His projects focusing on the human condition, social injustice and civil rights have won him numerous awards and have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the globe. Witnessing the beauty and heartache of the world first hand, his intimate images and poignant storytelling are evidence of our time. He is the recipient of the Gordon Parks Documentary Photographer of the Year Award. His work in the entertainment industry was selected for the Bluegrass Hall of Fame and is regularly featured in leading publications. He teaches, lectures, exhibits and works throughout the United States.

“The concept of using materials ready for the landfill as the foundation of making art intrigued me because of my love for the environment and the challenge it presented me as a documentary photographer. As a storyteller, I see the world in its most honest and natural way and share it with others in a similar fashion… straightforward without manipulation. The Landfillart Project allowed me to think differently, experiment and present my work in a new and fresh way.”Jim Gavenus