Joan Webster-Vore

Receptacle Of Recovery

Hudson, Iowa

Joan is a graduate of the University of Iowa where she received a BFA in Art, an MA in Textile Design from the Department of Home Economics and an MFA in Design from the School of Art and Art History. For over 13 years, she's taught part time at the University of Northern Iowa. Her work has appeared in over 80 competitive, invitational and solo exhibitions both nationally and regionally. In 2008 her work was exhibited at FiberArt International at the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she won the Josephine Cohen People's Choice Award. She recently completed a large installation for the National Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York.

"This project intrigued me because of the material provided (the hubcap), the desire to reuse and reconsider our resources, and the magnitude of the endeavor. In the spirit of the project, I chose to only use materials that might otherwise be considered expendable."Joan Webster-Vore