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Josh Ashley


Mobil, Alabama

Josh has created art in various forms almost all of his life. He was born in Alabaster, AL in 1973 and moved to Mobile in 1997. Until recently, his art was only seen by a few close friends. Interest surrounding Josh’s sculptures started to grow and he decided to make his art available to the public. His creativity is driven by emotion, so it is neither precise nor organized. Josh’s goal as an artist is to provoke emotions within the viewer, experiencing both familiar and new feelings.


“My friend Casey Downing called one day to tell me about the Landfillart Project. He said, ‘[Ken’s] project is something you need to participate in.’ I think he was right. I love working with found materials, and the ‘green’ side of the project is dear to me. I go to great lengths in my work to avoid using new materials or consumable products like adhesives. I am drawn to round items, so the thought of a massive number of hubcaps being turned into artwork excites me greatly. I look forward to seeing the entire project in person and I am very honored to be participating in such a wonderful undertaking.”Josh Ashley