Judith Jane Wray

Guadelupe (2)

Morelos, Mexico

Judith is a self taught artist. Her parents laid the foundation at an early age to embrace her creativity. She works with found object. Judith is a member of VALWEB.

"For something like 14 years I was and still am, at work on my own hubcap project. They are fun to paint. Everybody likes it. HOW COULD I SAY NO! Me, who was asking everybody to paint hubcaps for me..!!! I like photographing them and then making slide shows or videos to music and blowing them up wall size and surprising the people who did them, but we moved to Mexico two years ago. Hubcaps are everywhere in New Jersey. In Mexico you rarely ever find stray hubcaps, so that has slowed things down. I like the idea of an endless project to experiment with and surprise and delight…for its own sake."Judith Jane Wray