Julie and Ron Koch

Legumes For All

Brush Prairie, Washington

Julie and Ron are on the upside of middle age, and have been recycling for over fifty years. They repurpose architectural salvage, as well as making lamps from discarded mannequins, rugs from wool salvage, items from sweaters and socks, and jewelry from recycled plastic. They are both retired from local school districts, and have spent many years getting the re-use message out. Julie is active in the local art community, as well as with the local watershed stewards, a group dedicated to getting the message of environmental thoughtfulness out to the community and caring for our local waterways.

“We asked to be included in this project because of our strong belief in recycling, and getting the message out to folks. We ask that people think before they toss; could the item be re-purposed? Repaired? Re-designed? It is our belief that each person needs to be involved to build a community that supports the earth.”Julie and Ron Koch