Justin Anthony

Souvenir Of Detroit

Missoula, Montana

Justin Anthony’s art is the result of years of hunting, gathering, dismantling, contemplating and then fabricating and assembling, to create lights, modern artifacts, toys, yard enhancements and furniture among other things. Justin studied applied art and design at California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo where he received his Bachelor of Science degree. He then studied spatial arts at San Jose State University in San Jose, California where he received his MFA. The essence of Justin’s found artwork is the connection between humankind’s excessive output, nature, history and his desire to make create something new from unwanted items.


"I use about ninety percent collected, cast off materials in my art. I saw this as an opportunity to contribute to a project that reflected many of my personal feelings. Much of my work is directed by the properties of found material and this was a chance to work with a randomly assigned object. The idea that there are exponentially more solutions to what to do with an old hubcap than there are hubcaps made this irresistible."Justin Anthony