Karin Taylor


Lennox Head, New South Wales, Australia

In 2002, Karin decided to paint full time and built a studio after her children began school. She is a self taught artist working in mixed media and digital art. Karin is an internationally selling artist with much success and popularity of her work due to online success.

“Landfillart Project really struck me as an important way to share something I believe in with my creative brothers and sisters all over the world. Using landfill to create art upon seems like a fantastic concept, and something I thoroughly would enjoy participating in. I’ve been massively impressed by the other artists involved and felt a real kinship across the waters and a joining together in a project that really was memorable and meaningful. Managing our environment in new ways is becoming progressively important, and I thought this a unique and innovative concept that applied itself so well to creative people who care about doing the right thing by our environment. It pleased my greatly to be a part of it, and to have been invited to participate! Thank you so much for the opportunity!”Karin Taylor