Kimberly Schonfeld


Appleton, Wisconsin

Kimberly has credits and honors in both the classical and contemporary schools of mosaics. She began her second career as a mosaic artist in 1998 while living in Dallas, Texas. Kimberly contributed to the American Mosaic Project, a traveling exhibition from mosaic artists, focused on increasing awareness of mosaics; as well as, mosaics education. She has received National and International Awards (including Grand prize at the 2007 Orsoni International Award for Mosaic Fine Art) and is seen in corporate and private in addition to serving on their Board of Directors.

“I create art to explore elements I react to, emotionally and intellectually. The building blocks I choose for artistic expression are simple – color, shape, line, texture and balance. Being a part of the Landfillart Project added a new dimension …working with a ‘green’ canvas – a used and slightly beat-up hubcap. What a delight to see how many artists have interpreted the same space. Everyday our lives become more complicated. We are in constant motion and thought. Seldom do we find time/take time to reflect on the moment. We forget to pause. In creating art, I hope to create that pause. I hope many find joy is the pause of our collective hubcaps …”Kimberly Schonfeld