Lacey Bryant

A Forest That Slants Neither This Way Nor That

San Jose, California

Lacey is a professional painter who works in a variety of media oil and acrylic paints being her favorites. She has shown work all over California, as well as Tempe, AZ; Atlanta, GA; Brooklyn, NY; Chaing-Mai, Thailand among other places. She has an ongoing display of work at KALEID Gallery in San Jose where she keeps her studio. Because Lacey loves to paint really big things as well, she occasionally paints murals, sets and backdrops for various theatres and for Great America Theme Park's stage shows and haunted houses. Unable to sit still, she has accumulated a wide array of strange skills. She is a guerrilla knitter, a sculptor, a former voice actor, a from-scratch baker, and a maker of silly clay-mation shorts.

“Because of the unique shape of my hubcap, I chose to paint a similar scene on each side of the hubcap in order to play with the perspective. The addition of wool serves to soften and give a feminine tough to contrast the surface materials. Why did I participate in this project? Because it sounded like fun!”Lacey Bryant